A Blaze in the Northern Ska

by Skathrone

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An unholy offering from the frosty depths of Anaheim, CA., A Blaze in the Northern Ska stands as testament to compatibility of 90s Ska revivalism with the most blistering of Black metal riffage.

"I've seen the future of Black Metal Ska, and this is it."
- Tony Kanal, No Doubt

Skathrone began as a realization that occurred in late 2001 when Drummer, Oderus, and multi-instrumentalist and song-crafter, Grungor, both realized that with the collapse of the second tower, America had entered into a period in which life could no longer be taken for granted. Feeling that they had both come away from their experience as survivors, the two immediately decided it was time to turn in their formal resignation letters to Guitar Center and begin the band they'd always dreamt of creating.

Although the world didn't seem quite ready for their unconventional take on what were then seen as opposing sub genres of music, the two kept at it until they had created an entire handful of brutal and high energy sonic offering to present to a doomed nation of "sheeple."

A Blaze in the Northern Ska, though only the bands first major release, can be seen as the culminating experience of 13 infernal years of ungodly proportions. Though not for the weak of heart, it is hoped that even those with weak hearts also give this record a chance and see if it's something they might like to share with a friend or coworker.

The VMAs aren't far off in the horizon for the overwhelming talent these two skankin satanists hold in the palms of their musical hands. Is the world finally ready to hear it? The fans say 'yes,' and so shall you...
released June 20, 2015


released October 21, 2016

Grungor Feldman - guitars, bass, vocals, chanting
Oderus Weinberg - drums, incantations

Noah Infernus - trombone
Lucifer Rosenberg - trumpet
Mort 'the Kraken' Krantz - saxophone

Recorded at Kanal Studios, Anaheim, CA between September 2001 - April 2014.
Mixed, mastered, and created entirely as a joke by Adam "T-Bone" Healton.

Special thanks to Glen, Gwen, Blaze, Mr. Medalion, Dicky, Gorgorath, Baphomet, Brian Warner, Rodrick Davis, Gavin, the kids of PS92, and the Orange County Klezmer Society.

Hail Lord Astaroph!



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Adam Healton Sacramento, California

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